The Santi Alleruzzo Archive has begun research and study for the compilation of the catalogue raisonné of artist’s works.
The cataloguing of the works aims to document the artist’s production in a comprehensive manner with the intent of acquiring all the data and materials regarding the author’s works, his biography, and the cultural context in which he worked.

We invite all collectors in possession of his works to contact the Archive in order to contribute to the establishment of the most complete collection of Santi Alleruzzo’s works.

For the cataloguing of the Artist’s works and/or the issue of a possible certificate of authenticity, please send an email to, including:

– two photos of the front and two photos of the back of the work ( high resolution, JPEG or TIFF, 300 dpi, minimum width 30 cm)
– one photo of the signature (if present)
– a scan or photo of the authentication (if already issued)
– information on the work (title, year, dimensions, origin)
– details of the applicant (name and surname, address, telephone number).

On receipt of the above, the Archive will check the material sent and advise the applicant how to proceed.

If the work is already archived, the data will be updated if necessary.
If the work is not archived or if the applicant would like to proceed with the authentication of the work in his/her possession, the Archive will send, upon request the following forms to be filled out and submitted:

– a completed data sheet
– agreement
– consent to the use of personal data as protected by law

The Archive will request potential delivery of the work whenever direct examination is deemed necessary for the release of authentication.

The issue of certificates of authenticity, the verification of works, and all services and advice requested from the Santi Alleruzzo Archive are subject to a office reimbursement of expenses.

The Archive cannot make financial appraisals of the works or become involved in their sale.