The Archive has been set up for the purpose disseminating and promoting awareness of the works of Santi Alleruzzo at national and international level with the further intent of studying and safeguarding the Artist’s production. It is also proposed as point of continuity between the Artist and his admirers with encouragement of cultural activities that enhance his artistic legacy.

Specifically, the principal objectives of the Santi Alleruzzo Archive are:

– collecting, filing, and cataloguing all documentation regarding the Artist’s work and person.

– organizing and coordinating exhibitions, conferences, and cultural activities for the greater awareness and appreciation of the personality and work of Santi Alleruzzo, also on behalf of third parties.

– producing, editing, and promoting publications, critical essays, and catalogues.

  protecting the figure of the Artist and defending his production from forgeries and offenses;

– safeguarding the locations linked to Artist, his home, his studio

Scientific Committee

Giuseppe Alleruzzo – son;   Gianluca Collica artistic director Fondazione Brodbeck, Catania;   Davide Ferriart critic and indipendent curator;   Fuyumi Namioka – indipendent curator;   Alessandro Rabottiniart critic and curator, artistic director Fondazione In Between Art Film, Roma.

Recent Portfolios